I have been quite diligent in writing on OverBurn. Alunduil has been stoking the fires of interest and I hope to have a rough draft of the rules by the end of the month. I hope to provide updates to you as I am able, but I have a myriad of half-baked notes for the game. My next update will feature on of the species that I have been promising for too long.

Centicores are large goat-like animals that roam the wastes. Due to the scarcity of food, centicores are aggressive and territorial. Centicores sure-footed and able to bring their long horns to bear at a moments notice. Due to their speed and flexibility, many people believe that centicores’ horns can swivel into any position, but no evidence of this has been found on dead centiores.

centicoreCenticores can be found throughout the wastes and make good hunting food. Some centicores have been domesticated but their surly makes the impracticable for riding or beasts of burden. Centicores cannot be kept around other livestock as they will attack other animals that appear to threaten their food source, to include other centicores.


Saw Pikes are weapons that cause gruesome wounds on their victims. Mounted on a pole 6′ to 8′ long, a saw pike has crescent blade that is serrated in the inside for cutting and sharpened on the outside for slicing.

A friend of mine as agreed to corroborate with me on this endeavor. This has already returned the breath of life to the Burn and I am once again working on getting fleshing out the game. He has brought my attention to my previous 6 month plan, where life had gotten in the way. I am reinstated the six month plan and working on completing stage one.


  • 6 month Plan (Complete)
  • Chapter Outline (Complete)
  • Core mechanics
  • Archetypes
  • Races
  • Skills
  • Equipment
  • Experience
  • critters
  • additional crunch
  • additional fluff
  • Working copy

I’ve also changed the theme of the site (as you can see). Please let me know if which you like better.


Well, it appears I have been waylaid with the distractions of life. So much so that I did not even move the Overburn RPG blog over when I had to update my server. All the pieces were here, but it was just one of those things on the back burner. As is with my writing of the game. I have stagnated and vested my interest in other areas. As the game has come around the stove and I have been wanting to cook a little more, I am going out into the  Burn to seek new ingredients. I will need to review my 6-month plan as it has eroded in the sands of time (Wow, I’m full of bad cliches today).

If anyone has any questions, please let me know.