What is OverBurn(TM)?

OverBurn(TM) is a post apocalyptic role-playing game set it the gritty future. I like to think of it as a combination of Fall-out 3 and Shadowrun, but honestly it draws from many sources. From games like Gama World and the Morrow Project, movies like the Mad Max series and the Postman, and books like Endworld series to the Vampire Earth series, each one adds a something to this game. The PA genre as been, in my opinion, overlooked by the gaming industry.

Who are you?

It’s all about me. Well, right now it’s only me. I’m not a game designer, I do not have a list of credits under my name, and I am not particularly outspoken in the gaming community. What I do have is a humble love for the game. I stand upon the praise of my players and make this endeavor to become what I probably should have many years ago.

Are you looking for help?

Yes. Simple enough. I’m always looking for help, but this is a long term project (Check the start date). If you don’t feel like waiting around for it to finish properly, you may want to consider putting your efforts elsewhere. I also have some strong ideas on how I want certain portions done, but I’m open for the most part. I plan on making some discreet inquiries to some of the guys I know in the gaming industries, so this game may be published under another company.

How do I sign up?

Just shoot me an email, NeoProxy at overburnrpg.com. We’ll discuss the matter and see if we can come up with an agreement.

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