I took my kids to Hemisfair Park today, the site of the old 1968 world’s fair. As I traveled throughout the historic buildings, statues, artwork, and water attraction, I thought “this would be a great site for a base of operations of a post apocalyptia faction.”

I spied a sign that promoted a display for the ‘Rotary Club’, their symbol was a gear and I thought that it would make an interesting faction. I found the concept intriguing as it has the possibility for introducing steam punk into the game. I didn’t like the name Rotary Club, so I’m trying to think up an apropriate apocalyptia name. Here is what I have come up with thus far.

  • Rotary Guild
  • Rotary League
  • Gear Heads
  • Gear Punks
  • The Order of Axis
  • The Order of Gears

I still need to develop the faction more, but this is a start. Please cast your vote, or if you have another preference, let me know.

4 Responses to “Interesting Development”

  • roland deschain:

    the Rotary club kinda sounds like a sewing group.
    Adding guild to it just exacerbates the issue, and probably anything else, as long as its the first word it just sounds funny.
    Gear heads and gear punks sound like streetgangs, and are good enough names for ragtag bunch of people clinging together to hope upon the stars like most would in an apocolypse.
    The order of axis has many takes and is a good name for a militant group following an Ideal, I like that one the best.
    to add flavor to the intellects of the land they might come up with “cog” to portray their knowledge of the world before, and experience in the world after.

  • I like the name Gear Punks because it has a ‘steam punk’ air about it. I agree that the word rotary is odd and make me think of something other than mechanical. Rotar Punks… hmmm that’s not nearly as bad.

  • Phixia:

    Definitely needs to be more refined. Steam punk is not cyberpunk. Gritty, yes, however there needs to be an air of nobility almost snobbish upperclassness. I think of names that include;

    Leauge, heirs of, Order. And instead of gear you could use Cog.

    Order of the Cog maybe?

    Heirs of the Cog/ Sons of the Cog (brings images of steampunk cyborgs)

  • Excellent post Phixia. I like the name Heirs of the Cog.

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