As I perused the web last month, I came across the site Naga Demon, National Game Designers Month, a site dedicated to fueling the desire to create games. It appears to be in the spirit of NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month. I discovered the site half way through the month and thought it was a novel idea (pardon the pun). I have not really kept up on  the site, but it has spurred me to work on Overburn.

Overburn update.

  • Combat Rules – The combat rules are coming along and I hope to be done at the end of the year to start play testing in 2013. I am dubbing 2013 as the Year of the Burn.
  • Psionics – Psionics are really beginning to take shape.
  • Skills – I have created a rudimentary lathe… no wait, a rudimentary set of skills. It should be enough to start playing, but I have to flesh out the definitions.

I hopefully I can keep this drive up this month, with all the festivities and all. Here is the Naga Demon banner for those who participated. I’m not sure if I qualify as I have been writing this game for a little while now, but I’m going to say I did.

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