While ponder late and weary, I wondered on a thought of what people would eat after the end of the world. Having spent a short time in Korea, I remembered the popular food of Kagogi, or food dog. Kagogi is considered a food for special occasions. I never tried it myself, not daring enough to separate my pets with food. I have read a couple of articles where the author lamented on Americans inability to see dog and horses as food source, where we can see cows and pigs. I of course can see why. Cows are pretty personality lacking, I had a cow and it was about as interesting as watching the grass grow. Guard pigs are terrible at their jobs and I’ve never heard tale of one dialing 911 or dragging their owner to safety.

In light of the apocalypse, all bets are off. I will probably eat just about anything I can bring down, dogs and horses included. Which brings me to my deliberation, what would they eat in a Apocalyptia? Ratula seems a common staple in dystopian cinema, and I would agree that rats would probably be one of the choices. Snakes are also common in sand ridden settings. Although dogs are still often portrayed as Man’s Best Friend, a la Fallout 3, I think dogs, along with cats, would be a viable food source. They breed fast, hit breeding age quickly, and are relatively easy to manage.

So kagogi is deemed to be a staple.. do not like dog? You won’t last long in the burn friend.

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