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“We are the few, the proud, we are Legion!!!”

Little is know of the Dust Legion’s origins, but it was created as a stalwart bastion against the Rodvyr invasion. They stood as a symbol of hope and honor among the humans and their ranks were easily replenished from willing volunteers. For years, the Legion stopped the Rodvyr advancement through the burn. But the war’s end loomed ever over the horizon and in the Burn, treachery ruled the land. In a coup, the strongest regiment was lured into a trap and slaughtered to the man. The Dust Legion was betrayed from within and fell to in fighting. The legend of the Legion never died, and some still claim the title of Legionnaire. They are indistinguishable from any other denizen of the burn, except by their deeds and the Legion Swords they carry. They are a few wayward legionnaires, but they are a painful reminder of the Legion’s wayward past. These wayward children are hunted by legionnaires who are relentlessness and unforgiving for the treachery they represent.

Art by the most awesome Brenoch Adams who was cool enough to allow me to use it here. Please visit his site and show support to cool artists being cool.