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or as I like to say, “Going into Overburn.”

Just a quick note. I’ve recently procured the aid of a couple of friends to assist me with the Overburn RPG. I am hoping with the new infusion of Blood Burners, we can make some headway into The Burn. I would like to take this time to welcome these two to The Burn and I hope their addition bears fruit.

To expound on what I’m doing here I want to set some goals I have for the project. This is inspired by Rob Lang’s article on designer notes for the Icar RPG, of which I have bee a long time fan.

As a designer, the author is often asked why Icar was designed in a certain way. This page attempts to outline what decisions were made and how this affects the style of the game. A set of Designer’s Notes, you could say.

Lang, Rob. “Designer’s Notes.” Icar Free Sci Fi RPG – Home. Web. 22 Aug. 2011. <>.

If you read through the article, you will find a list of goals for creating a high quality RPG. I would like to take a moment to state my on ideas for my game.

  1. Produce a High Quality Game.
  2. Simplistic in Design
  3. Easy to Grasp
  4. Unique in Scope
  5. Intriguing in Setting
  6. Entertaining to Play

I plan to revisit this and see how my idea evolves as the game does. Hopefully the end result will be something that surprises my friends.

So today starts a new month, and to that end, I endeavore to get back into the swing of things. I am back in my house, inventoring my gaming collection. I still have a lot of boxes and unpacking, but at least now, I can see the torch light glinting off the dragon’s hoard at the end of the tunnel. Although my internet connection does not appear to be working (yet), I plan to continue to work on what I can, as time provides. There is alot that I have on my plate this month, so here’s an overview.

Overburn – I am currently behind on this. August was suppose to be the month that I worked on Psionics for the game, but I am behind for July. Hopefully I can put the hornes to the grindstone and get back on track.

Omega Rising – an old sci-fi gamesite that I’m trying to get my old content back up on.

Seer’s Sight – My general gaming blog. No real work to have to do here, just keep people updated with ideas.

Earthdawn Publishing Trust – Eartdawn site that I need to catch up on a lot of work on.

General Server Administration – I have recently changed servers and I need to move the rest of my files so that I can close down the extra server.

There is probaby more that I need to do and I’ll add it to the list as it comes to me.